Wednesday, January 31, 2007

-ism This!

In the heat of debate with my WELS brethren about church fellowship, I was accused of antinominianism and gospel reductionism. I, in turn, accused my brethren of legalism and traditionalism.

So I figure we were pretty much even on the -ism accusation scorecard. If I could have hurled one more -ism at them, I’m sure I would have won the argument.

Recently I learned of repristinationism. This is the tendency to thoughtlessly and mechanically repeat the theology of the past, blindly accepting the beliefs, wording, doctrines and proof passages of prior theologians as primary authority, rather than restudying Scripture afresh.

This is an -ism that everyone should carry around in their arsenal. If you sense you are losing the argument, accuse your adversary of repristinating and just walk away.

Be careful though. As ye repristinate, so shall ye be repristinated upon. And let he who has not repristinated, hurl the first charge of repristination. And… Ok, enough already.

Great word.

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