Monday, January 1, 2007

All of us are theologians

"...all of us are theologians, in one way or another. Being a theologian just means thinking and speaking about God. True, we may not do much of that. We might go for days and weeks without a thought of God entering our heads, but that is usually impossible. Things happen. Acccidents. Tragedies. Deaths and funerals. Natural disasters. Illness. Loss. Suffering. Disappointment. Wrongdoing. And so on and on. There is also good fortune. Experience of great beauty or pleasure. Sheer grace. Chance encounters that determine our lives. Love. We begin to wonder… wondering if there is some logic to it all in our lives, or some injustice. We become theologians."

- Gerhard O. Forde On Being a Theologian of the Cross, 1997. p 10-11


Anonymous said...

True ... true ...

All of us have a theology. Many don't know it. Many don't care. A lot of it is really poor and misinformed ... but that's the beauty of theology. It's always changing. Theology is a process that changes all the time. As Forde said ... 'Things happen' ... and our theology is thus shaped a little more.

This why I believe it is important to create conversations such as these ... to get more people thinking and speaking about God ... so that together we hopeful discover the beauty, the pleasure, the sheer grace of God through Christ.

Pam said...

Keep writing, Terry. It's about time. You have so much to offer!